An Event Planner is a Bridge: Chapter 2

July 29th, 2013 Kraft Events

NYC wedding and event plannerIt is a warm summer morning in New Jersey. You excitedly leap out of bed, about five minutes before the alarm is set to sing. It will be a good day, because you’re meeting a happy couple at a local Starbucks to discuss the food that will be served at their wedding. You are the bridge, offering the client fun and event driven suggestions, oftentimes working with the caterer to make it happen.


You have been with them from the start. You booked the venue, formatted the event, and planned the décor as well as the musical entertainment. It would be an understatement to say you feel like part of the family; you are family.


NYC wedding and event plannerThe client will tell you things that are important to them, in a general sense. You then make suggestions to fit their likes, dislikes and comfort zones. You prefer producing events that reflect who the client and/or family is. You want the particular event to reflect their style, a custom-made event and not a cookie cutter affair.


They are a younger couple, in their twenties, better known as Millennials or, in some circles, Hipsters. The groom is a graphic designer, an innovative thinker with a passion for aesthetics. The bride is a paralegal, astute at preparing legal arguments with attorneys. They are a power couple who eschew tradition. Every detail of their wedding has been planned according to their idea of new, and the catered portion of the event will be no different.


As you drink your chai, you patiently listen to their list of wants and present alternative options.


NYC wedding and event plannerFood:

  • All passed hors d’oeuvres and food stations
  • Passed small plates
  • Custom dim sum carts to house all types of fun novelty foods
  • Branded packaging of small food items
  • Custom novelty drinks, i.e. cotton candy beverages
  • Fun retro passed desserts on the dance floor. I.e. mini milk shakes with cookie straws
  • Taco station
  • Slider station


NYC wedding and event plannerSeating:

  • Could be assigned or not assigned
  • Lounge seating and smaller table seating which could include different shapes and heights.
  • Pod seating of assigned lounge vignettes
  • Table seating with a custom Lazy Susan


Their enthusiasm is palpable. It almost lifts you up and into the air, as if you are jumping on a trampoline. The wedding has certainly been fun to plan.


The couple decides on pod seating of assigned lounge vignettes. You see, they want something completely different, but still want assigned seating areas so guests can put their stuff down and have a “home base.” The setup has the potential to be stylish and swanky, freeing yet comforting. Now that that is (kind of) settled, your next course of action is determining ways to transform a warehouse into a silver, bling-laden paradise. Oh…that and the food…


Although we primarily serve the NYC, NJ or Connecticut areas, Kraft Events will happily help plan your event no matter the location. Remember, weddings (and events, for that matter) are getting less traditional by the day. You will need an event planner that is able to adapt with the changing times, not to mention someone who understands the ebb and flow of emotion. Every person is different and no two events are the same. Remember, this is your special day!


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