Budgeting Your Wedding? Chapter 17

October 29th, 2014 egreenfield

“So, have you taken the time to look over the vendor choices I showed you?” I ask the couple sitting in front of me.


The bride tilts her head slightly. “We have. And they’re great.”


“They’re really great,” the groom chimes in. “Some of them look awesome.”


“Really awesome,” the bride agrees.


I wait for a second. “I’m hearing a ‘but’ in there…”


The bride-to-be winces slightly. “But, our budget is, how should I say-”


“Shoestring,” says the groom, finishing her sentence. The bride considers this for a second, and nods her head in assent. “But we still want to put on a good reception for our friends, and we feel like we still can.”


She hands the vendor pamphlet out towards me, and I grab it while saying, “Don’t worry. There are plenty of options for you, if you’re willing to be creative.”




Interested in low-cost ways of throwing a great wedding that fit within a budget? Many are worried about offending friends or family members if they trim down the guest list, but don’t be. As this article published by Click2Houston.com discusses, there are plenty of other ways to pare down your wedding and reception costs.


Much of the money in a wedding budget goes towards drink and flowers. You might save thousands of dollars if you feel that you can keep your guests happy with beer and soft drinks rather than a full cocktail bar. Floral arrangements can also quickly add tremendous cost to any wedding budget. Finding flashy decor or accessories that can take the place of any flowers will have a great effect and solve your budget problem.


Be careful about the venue you choose if you’re trying to keep your costs low. Some venues have minimum food and drink charges that may put you on the hook for thousands of dollars, even if your guests don’t consume that much food and drink.


You don’t have to put off your blissful wedding ceremony simply because you’re not in the right pay grade. Those are just some suggestions, but in the end, know that if you want a spectacular wedding, the stuff that dreams are made on, then you’ll have to shell out some cash, especially in NYC!



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