Finding the Right Venue in 2015: Chapter 22


“She loves the space. And I love her, so that’s that, then, right?” he said, quickly glancing over at me for approval.   “Right,” I nodded, waiting for the groom-to-be to continue.   “But it just seems so gloomy! Her logic is sound, as always. We met just across the street from the pub, the […]

Winter Wedding Ideas: Chapter 21


“Elves.”   “Elves?” I asked.   “They were everywhere. I woke up screaming,” she explained, leaning forward across the table.   “I’m sorry. I’m confused,” I replied to one of my newest clients, a bride-to-be.   “I am determined to make this winter wedding happen,” she elaborated with a steely glint in her eye, “But […]

How to Deal with Wedding Planning Stress: Chapter 20


“I hyperventilated this morning,” she said, nearly falling into her seat opposite me.   “I thought that was a pratfall. You know, like the women from the 40’s with the fainting and the smelling salts. I didn’t realize anyone actually hyperventilated.”   I smiled and put my hand over hers across the table. “Well, stop. […]

Wedding Trends Becoming More Formal: Chapter 19


The traditional seems to be swinging back into the world of weddings lately with the introduction of the Fall. And that’s just one of many trends that have popped up for various events and event planning for the Fall of 2014. Just as the seasons change though, so do trends, so it really isn’t any […]

Budgeting Your Wedding? Chapter 17


“So, have you taken the time to look over the vendor choices I showed you?” I ask the couple sitting in front of me.   The bride tilts her head slightly. “We have. And they’re great.”   “They’re really great,” the groom chimes in. “Some of them look awesome.”   “Really awesome,” the bride agrees. […]

Event Planner Application for Mac: Chapter 18


Idea2Inspire recently released a new application for iPhone, Mac, and other apple products, called Event Planner. The software was inspired to assist anyone with planning various events, including birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, fundraisers, and more. The application is entirely free and offers some basic things like note taking and checklists, but also […]

Hometown Weddings: Chapter 16

I 0998 TanyaMalott2012

“So you met and fell in love while living in the same small town?” I ask the bride.   “Yea. We’re both from upstate,” the bride says. “We even got engaged while still living there.”   “I ended up finding a job in the city, and we kind of had to follow the money,” the […]

Wedding Apps: Chapter 15


The bride to be seated across from me flips through her iPhone and shows me the screen. “Yea, we’ve actually gone and set up an Instagram account for the wedding.”   “So people can upload pictures of the reception?” I asked.   “And the ceremony. There’s a lot of people we want to be able […]

Children at Your Event: Chapter 14

“I love my Maid of Honor’s daughter and really want her involved in the wedding,” she said. I could see the ‘but’ coming a mile away.   “It’s perfectly normal to be hesitant in how to handle inviting children to a wedding. This is your day and if a black tie affair is the way […]

Planning Your Wedding in Two Months? Chapter 13

“We weren’t sure how much time to set aside,” says the bride. “We’d heard so many horror stories from friends and family about how quickly everything happens.”   I nod quickly, having seen some of those stories myself. “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much you want to do.”   The couple looks at […]