Children at Your Event: Chapter 14

July 2nd, 2014 egreenfield

Children at Event

“I love my Maid of Honor’s daughter and really want her involved in the wedding,” she said. I could see the ‘but’ coming a mile away.


“It’s perfectly normal to be hesitant in how to handle inviting children to a wedding. This is your day and if a black tie affair is the way you’re going, there are a few tactful ways to figure out an appropriate way of entertaining younger guests and/or limiting the amount of younger guests involved,” I assured her.


I watched the tension roll off her in waves as she reached over to show off a picture of her future flower girl on her iPhone.




If your wedding is going to be later in the evening with a reception slated to run until two or three in the morning, you might want to tastefully mention  on the wedding website (if you and your partner have one, that is) that “no kids” are preferred. Just be sure to present a united front with your partner and wedding party when asked by individual guests if the rule can be bent. Keeping firm will alleviate any bad feelings by other guests.


It is also fine to only allow younger guests that are in the wedding party to attend the ceremony and reception. Avoiding mid-ceremony ants-in-the-pants syndrome is as easy as providing crayons and coloring books, or promising a surprise at the reception for well behaved flower girls and ring bearers.


For weddings that are bound to be filled to the brim with infants, tots and young children, be sure to provide entertainment and eyes catered specifically for those guests. We suggest hiring additional staff to entertain young children in a “toddler” corner of the room with crafts, puzzles, board games, video games, age appropriate music, etc. for the duration of the reception. Photo booths are always fun, but a five year old in a giant moustache and a boa is even more hilarious than adult guests dressing up to snap their picture.


For more ideas on how to make your day a whopping success for everyone involved, contact Kraft Events today!



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