Family Issues Pertaining to Wedding Plans: Chapter 12

April 17th, 2014 egreenfield

“Oh, absolutely. That baker comes highly recommended. I’ve worked with their service myself at least four or five times.” We’ve been discussing cake options with one couple. The groom looks up questioningly, wondering if he might keep the pamphlet of catered baked goods for further research. I laugh and nod.


The bride-to-be peers over the brochure’s pages. “There doesn’t seem to be any definitive prices on these.”


“Oh, he’s very up-front about what he charges,” I say. “He’ll just need to know how many people you plan to invite.”


A quick glance from groom to bride, and then back from bride to groom, tells me that we’re about to embark on a different conversation.


“About that,” says the groom, quickly insinuating himself. “We might need a little advice. We had pictured what we thought was a sensible invite list, and then we thought about the friends and family we wanted at our ceremony, and the amount got quickly out of hand.”


The bride also speaks up. “And it’s not… I don’t want to have a cheap wedding, just, we keep hearing that if we can manage to keep the invite list down, we can save ourselves a lot of money that way.”


“And we don’t know how to keep the invite list down without our families hating us,” the groom finishes. “I mean, not hating us but, you know what I mean.”




Traditionally, there are many more people who have a say in the wedding invitation list than there typically are for the band, venue and other considerations. Parents always want to rachet up the number of people who will see their son or daughter on this happy occasion. But if that’s not what the couple getting married wants, they have to speak up for themselves.


This, and other awkward family issues pertaining to wedding plans, can often be smoothed over by acknowledging their desires while standing up for what you think is best. This article published by The Huffington Post has some pretty good advice for handling awkward topics such as this during the planning process for your wedding.


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