Finding the Right Venue in 2015: Chapter 22

January 2nd, 2015 egreenfield

“She loves the space. And I love her, so that’s that, then, right?” he said, quickly glancing over at me for approval.


“Right,” I nodded, waiting for the groom-to-be to continue.


“But it just seems so gloomy! Her logic is sound, as always. We met just across the street from the pub, the price is right, but I just can’t imagine starting our lives in such a, frankly, depressing back room,” he ended in a rush.


“I see your point,” I began, “but it’s the space that’s important. Leave the vibe to me. I have a few ideas actually.”


All creases of worry dissipated from his face and he turned just as his fiancé sat down across from me.


“So what have you two been plotting then?” she chimed in cheerily as she joined the conversation.




10420200_1083308765028244_5537150007452492667_nIt’s the space that matters. If you’ve got the venue, you’ve got the partners about to be married, and you’ve got the will to make it happen, everything else will fall into place. Never fear if it seems a bit small or too dark! Lighting can make or break a wedding and reception. These are just a few of the ideas we’ve got stored up to turn out the ambiance that you and your partner are going for.


The first trick is to light up the entrance to the venue. Lighting a walkway or garden entering the space is key. Whether it’s candles in mason jars lining a pathway or hanging lanterns from an archway of trees, lighting the way into an event is absolutely paramount to a positive reception.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match light sources! Make your lighting a part of the decor by mixing up fairy lights with larger, centerpiece-like hanging baubles. These can be placed over tables or strung along beams over a dancefloor. Lighting works as markers for different activities as well as to allow guests to read menus, place cards, and appreciate the fashions everyone’s bound to be decked out in for your big night.


A dramatic way to light your party is to cover a wall or a section of a wall in vertically hanging fairy lights. These also work particularly well for a photo area, lending a surreal backdrop for the perfect mementos for guests and wedding party members.


Use the space. For outdoor events, hanging lanterns or strings of lights from trees can provide an ethereal backdrop for vows or for toasts. And for the ultimate extravagant move, hanging wires across the dining section of your event horizontally and then hanging bulbs from those wires en masse can create a ceiling of light that will absolutely dazzle everyone involved.


For more ideas on lighting and to start planning your own event, contact the experts at Kraft Events today! We can’t wait to get started!



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