Flowers and First Impressions: Chapter 5

March 10th, 2014 egreenfield

“I just don’t want my wedding to look like everyone else’s,” she admitted.


“Don’t you worry. It’s all about that first impression,” I assured her.




Even if you consider yourself a traditionalist, every bride-to-be wants something about their wedding to be different, special, memorable. And there are so many ways to personalize a wedding – often in the most subversive ways. Couples don’t need to spend a fortune on a theme wedding with personalized details in every facet of their reception.


It really is about changing one or two details. And where better to stake your claim over the personalization than in your grand entrance?


Everyone worries about making a statement with the dress. And it matters. But what about the bouquet? Gone are the days of grandiose 80’s bouquets. It’s all in the details.


Monoflorals, bouquets comprised of a single flower, are increasingly popular this season. And how can you make a bolder statement than choosing one type of flower to represent your commitment in a bunch leading you toward your fiancé?


As weddings have been leaning more toward the naturalist look, showing off the stems as well as the blossoms of your bouquet has been another popular trend recently. You can personalize this by tying up your bouquet with something that’s all yours – a handkerchief that your grandmother used during her wedding, or a locket engraved with important dates for your relationship can draw the eye of your guests in that first step down the aisle.


An all white bouquet is always going to be a classic. However, brides are adding their own touch to this traditional take on arrangements by using a gradational pallet – white flowers mixed with several hues of the same color.


The circular bouquet is another classic that showcases the bride’s dress, but some brides are opting for a cascading effect. This look starts in a circle, but tapers down in the front like a reverse teardrop. It can be dramatic, or minimalist, depending on the type and quantity of flowers in the bouquet.


And there are two bouquet types that many are simply in love with this season. The first is the single flower bouquet, where an arrangement is designed to look like one big rose or sunflower or orchid by layering blossoms just right. The other is the broach bouquet – an option that will last until your diamond anniversary. There are no flowers in these bouquets, but a collection of vintage-inspired jewelry carefully piled together to create a modern bulb.


The details matter. Contact Kraft Events to start picking out yours today!





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