Getting the Groom Involved With the Wedding Planning: Chapter 10

April 14th, 2014 egreenfield

“And… there! The invitations are ordered,” I say, looking up from the laptop. We’ve just placed an order online for a beautiful set of wedding invitations, off-white with gold lining on thick, glossy card stock. It’s a traditional look for a couple going with a classic approach to their wedding.


The bride sighs, shakes her head and laughs. “Amazing, thank you so much for meeting with us today, it was really helpful.”


I agree with her. “We got a lot of things done.”


The bride-to-be rises and excuses herself for the bathroom, and I return to some business on my laptop. After a few seconds, however, the groom, who had been oddly quiet, leans forward and excuses himself for interrupting.


“Okay, I needed to ask someone this, and my best man is… well, not well-refined. I really do want to make this a special day for my wife. What kinds of things should I be thinking about?”


I smile and reach into a drawer for a sheet I keep for just such occasions. “Lucky for you, you’re not the only groom who asks that question,” I say before handing him the sheet.




A groom who gets involved with the planning of his wedding is going to want to take ownership over certain aspects, even if he doesn’t know where to focus his energies. It’s important to most men to show their brides-to-be that they’re invested in the ceremony without stepping on anybody’s toes.


Luckily there are many ways that a groom can impress the bride leading up to the wedding day, as this list published by Glamour shows. Much of it revolves around supporting the bride, but there are plenty of ways a groom can make it fun and personal. Working hard to make sure that the first dance is well choreographed, or picking a small accessory to match with her dress colors, will definitely be appreciated by her.


Don’t forget to be playful, as well. The bride is going to feel a lot of stress on her wedding day, and keeping things light and fun will keep her on even footing. It may even help start the steam building towards your wedding night.


Kraft Events can help every member of the wedding play their role well. Consult with us if you have any questions about how to plan for your special day.



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