Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it Too: Chapter 11

April 15th, 2014 egreenfield

Grabbing the list of wedding plans already agreed upon, I peer down until I get to the next undecided item. Given that many decisions have already been made about the flowers, venue and more, it takes a few seconds to find.


“Alright, here we go: Have you given any thoughts to the kind of cake you want for your reception?”


The groom chuckles, and the bride-to-be rolls her eyes slightly. “This is his favorite part,” she says.


“I’ve had some ideas,” he admits. Scanning his fiance’s eyes, he adds, “But I’m really just a dreamer.”


She laughs a little. “I just don’t think we’ll find someone who can make a potato chip-ice cream cake,” she teases. “And thank God!”


I’m taken aback, but I’ve heard stranger. “Actually, while that’s probably out of the question, here are some cake vendors that work locally and have some really unique options that may suit the both of you,” I say, handing some pamphlets across the desk.




Many wedding planners don’t make the cake themselves; it would take way too much attention away from the important job of planning the wedding ceremony. Instead, bakeries and craft bakers often handle the job of baking the wedding reception’s most traditional dessert.


This FAQ page from a wedding cake bakery’s website gives some great insight to couples who haven’t yet decided what they want to do about a cake. Cakes are often priced per reception guest to ensure that every invitee gets a slice. Like many bakeries, this business offers smaller two-tier wedding cakes that can fit a small budget, but many bakeries will refuse to deliver these cakes themselves.


Also see if you can get a sample of a wedding cake to taste before making a buying decision. You’re going to want to test the quality of your food before making a catering decision that could affect hundreds of guests.


Here at Kraft Events, we’re lucky to partner with many wedding vendors, including bakeries, florists and more, to provide the best quality services to our clients for reasonable prices. Schedule a consultation if you want the best wedding ceremony and reception that New York City can offer.



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