Hometown Weddings: Chapter 16

July 14th, 2014 egreenfield
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“So you met and fell in love while living in the same small town?” I ask the bride.


“Yea. We’re both from upstate,” the bride says. “We even got engaged while still living there.”


“I ended up finding a job in the city, and we kind of had to follow the money,” the groom adds.


I nod; I’ve heard this story many times before. “And you want to be able to share this day with your close friends and family.”


The bride agrees emphatically. “Yes. And the thought of getting them all down here, a few hours away, on the same day seems like we’re asking for trouble.”


“Well, have you considered bringing the wedding ceremony to them?” I ask.


The groom chimes in with, “See, we had thought about that, but we weren’t sure if that was taking on too much responsibility either. It’s tough enough to have to sample the caterers and visit the venues when they’re all in the city, but trying to make those decisions from hundreds of miles away?”


“It’s actually not as tough as you might first think,” I say to reassure them.



A couple should never think that it’s impossible to plan a ceremony that can be shared with the widest group of friends and family possible. Even if the destination is in a hometown neither of you have seen in a few years, there are ways of pulling off this project, and others will appreciate the sense that you haven’t forgotten about your home.


Use friends and family back at home as point persons for planning. As this article published by The Richmond Times-Dispatch discusses, some willing volunteers may prove to be invaluable when selecting caterers, reception halls and other vendors. Even if you may have only been gone a few years, you might not know about the new bakery or other business that moved into town and can serve your needs.


Whenever possible, you may also want to consider purchasing service packages that may bundle the reception hall with catering costs and possibly even some hotel rooms, for instance. This will make it easier to keep track of a number of wedding vendors situated far away from your typical residence.


Sometimes the perfect wedding for a couple involves a quiet setting that they’ve known for years. Whether you want to discuss reaching out to vendors in your hometown community, or you want to plan a luxurious celebration right here in the heart of New York City, Kraft Events will help you put together the pieces of a great wedding.



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