How to Deal with Wedding Planning Stress: Chapter 20

December 2nd, 2014 egreenfield

“I hyperventilated this morning,” she said, nearly falling into her seat opposite me.


“I thought that was a pratfall. You know, like the women from the 40’s with the fainting and the smelling salts. I didn’t realize anyone actually hyperventilated.”


I smiled and put my hand over hers across the table. “Well, stop. This is what I’m here for. Have you got a picture of what the wedding should look like?”


She nodded.


“Then I’ve got the paint to make it happen. In the meantime…”




You’re getting married. And now you’re looking for an event planner so that all of the stress can stop. But the latent stress isn’t going to go away by itself. Here are a few things that you can do to de-stress and get back into the positive mindset you deserve before the big day.


First, whether you are an “exercise person” or not, go do something active. This can be anything from a walk around your neighborhood to a dance class to training for a marathon. The important part is that it becomes a routine. Changing your body chemistry will do wonders for changing up your mental chemistry.


Next, take some time to reflect on positive imagery. This doesn’t have to be a full-blown meditation session. Just latch on to a fond moment – a particularly giggly coffee date with your best friend, or meeting your fiancé for the first time – and go there, mentally. This will bring you a bit of perspective.


Write a gratitude list. This is another perspective-inducing tool, but it’s particularly important before a big life shift – like a wedding. Having physical evidence of all of the wonderful things in your life is always a good idea.


Take an hour or two and practice something you’ve traditionally lost yourself in. The familiarity of practicing a hobby that you’re already comfortable with – like baking, yoga, or even fencing or fishing – is an awesome way to center yourself.


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