Picking the Right Venue: Chapter 1

May 16th, 2013 Kraft Events

NYC Wedding and Event PlannerShe stands in front a magnificent building in NYC that once was a bank in the 1900s designed with old world architectural wonders. The afternoon sun, creeping around a cloud, is illuminating part of her face. In one hand, she holds a notebook; in the other, a blackberry. She paces back and forth, lost in thought. If you could see through her Marc Jacobs retro sunglasses, you would see the fierce determination in her chestnut eyes.


This building could be the place, but she is not 100 percent sure yet. She has yet to have that “light bulb” moment, the “a-ha” revelation. She paces back and forth some more. In the distance, she notices two squirrels chasing one another. She wonders if they are fighting over nuts and smiles. Who will come out on top? We are all hoarders, one way or the other. The mind is a hoarder. You have to make the memories count. There is only so much room. That is why this old bank, and the perfect venue, is so important.


Is it the right venue for the wedding reception? She paces back and forth some more. Then it hits her. The Johnsons wanted their wedding theme to be unbreakable fortified love! What better place for the reception than this exact space! The event planner smiles, and begins writing something in her notebook.

NYC Wedding and Event Planner


The flow of any event is contingent on the foundation of a venue. It can make or break any event. It is, in many ways, the most challenging part of event planning. Think of it this way: the venue is the body and the event is the soul. One oversight, no matter the size, will negatively affect the body and in turn demoralize the soul. Therefore, every event planner thoroughly researches every possible venue. It needs to be perfect and fit the overall theme of the event and reflect the personality of the client. Obviously, attention to detail in the venue selection process is critical. There can be no overlooked details. Such details will lead to disastrous surprises on the day of the event.


Not to over exaggerate, but selecting the perfect venue is similar to robbers casing a joint before a big heist. It is imperative to know every crack in the foundation, every cold spot and so on. The effective event planner must know the venue inside and out.

NYC Wedding and Event Planner


At Kraft Events, we are very flexible when it comes to choosing that perfect venue. We have many exclusive venues, including a raw photo studio in Jersey City, a fabulous loft in Newark, a gorgeous immaculate barn in Hampton and an exquisite property in Tewksbury for a fabulous tented event. All of these particular properties are in New Jersey. We also have many exclusive arrangements with private country and city clubs throughout New Jersey, NYC, Westchester and Connecticut. Kraft Events specializes in non-traditional venues, i.e. warehouses, armories, airplane hangars, museums, etc. and tented events on private properties.


One of our favorite exclusive venues is Jardin de Buis in Pottersville, NJ, an exclusively private and exquisitely landscape designed paradise. Imagine a spectacular u-shaped greenhouse for cocktail receptions and small dinners surrounded by a serene reflecting pool!


Of course, we work in other venues besides these exclusive ones, like high-end hotels and event spaces. Remember, an event without the proper venue is no event at all. It is the job of the event planner to find the right one for you.


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