Planning Your Wedding in Two Months? Chapter 13

May 23rd, 2014 egreenfield

“We weren’t sure how much time to set aside,” says the bride. “We’d heard so many horror stories from friends and family about how quickly everything happens.”


I nod quickly, having seen some of those stories myself. “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much you want to do.”


The couple looks at each other and laugh. “And there’s so much we want to do,” she says. The groom chimes in with, “We both have a lot of ideas. And then there’s our families, the people we want to invite.”

I cut in. “Of course, you want to make sure that everyone leaves with good memories of your special day, that’s only natural.” They both nod. “However, if you can think about what you really want to focus on, the planning process can be both less stressful and more fulfilling.”


I’m met with blank stares for a moment. “Meaning you can both spend less time on planning,” I say. They both quickly murmur their approval of this.




The most important part of the wedding day is the marriage ceremony, where a bride and groom pledge their commitment to each other. If a couple just wants to focus on this basic element, there’s always time to celebrate with your friends and family.


Take, for example, the story of one young couple that planned their wedding in less than two months, featured in this article published on The couple decided to move up their plans because of the groom’s deployment through the armed forces. Although their Green Bay ceremony was sparse, they planned to have a much larger reception for the friends and family that couldn’t attend the wedding on short notice.


Planning a wedding is a manageable experience, especially when you have professional guidance every step of the way. Manhattan weddings are made easy here at Kraft Events. Call our professional planning staff today for a consultation on our many event services.



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