Finding the Right Venue in 2015: Chapter 22


“She loves the space. And I love her, so that’s that, then, right?” he said, quickly glancing over at me for approval.   “Right,” I nodded, waiting for the groom-to-be to continue.   “But it just seems so gloomy! Her logic is sound, as always. We met just across the street from the pub, the […]

Getting the Groom Involved With the Wedding Planning: Chapter 10

“And… there! The invitations are ordered,” I say, looking up from the laptop. We’ve just placed an order online for a beautiful set of wedding invitations, off-white with gold lining on thick, glossy card stock. It’s a traditional look for a couple going with a classic approach to their wedding.   The bride sighs, shakes […]

The Stress of Wedding Planning: Chapter 9

“It’s not that I’m worried,” the bride-to-be says hurriedly.   “She’s not worried,” the groom chimes in.   “But I feel like I’m worried? It’s just that, there’s so much to do.”   I lean forward to reassure her. “There’s almost a year before the day arrives. You have plenty of time to take care […]

The Importance of Creative Cohesion: Chapter 8

“So, let’s take a look at our portfolio so far,” I say, and I reach for the folder containing many of the important details the couple has been able to work out. It’s overflowing with notes on potential guest lists, catering options and other creative items.   The bride looks at her fiancé nervously, then […]

Traditions and First Impressions: Chapter 7

“I don’t want a theme wedding,” she said. I felt a “but” coming.   “But I did grow up in Louisiana and my family’s coming all the way to New Jersey. So, I’d like to show them that there’s still a bit of Southern hospitality in the Garden State,” her fiancé chimed in, a faint […]

Tailoring the Trend: Chapter 4 (Part Two)

Whenever a bride-to-be walks into the office, they’re typically pretty anxious about the sheer number of things they want to discuss and decide upon in their first meeting with an event planner. Lighting, music and food are just a couple of topics to plan out, and even just settling for a final decision on any […]

Tailoring the Trend: Chapter 4 (Part One)

You’ve seen it before. It’s your first meeting with your new client, a 20-something bride-to-be that’s come laden with a stack of January 2014 Wedding Magazines and a tablet that’s background is her “Big Day” Pinterest board. She’s got a steely glint in her eye and a bright smile as she plops into the seat […]

The Importance of Lighting: Chapter 3

You’re having lunch with a young couple in New Jersey, in the early pre-planning stages of their wedding. So the conversation, up to a certain point, is typical of the pre-planning stages. There is talk of possible venues, flowers, food and so forth.   As you poke at your grilled vegetable salad, you casually mention […]

An Event Planner is a Bridge: Chapter 2

It is a warm summer morning in New Jersey. You excitedly leap out of bed, about five minutes before the alarm is set to sing. It will be a good day, because you’re meeting a happy couple at a local Starbucks to discuss the food that will be served at their wedding. You are the […]

The Event Planner: the Prologue

The music starts, and the smiles begin.  We live for this.   An event planner is a very rewarding job, albeit a stressful one.  One must show, as Hemingway put it, grace under pressure, adapting at the drop of a hat according to the situation.  Adaptability is the key to a career in event planning, […]