Tailoring the Trend: Chapter 4 (Part Two)

February 28th, 2014 egreenfield

Whenever a bride-to-be walks into the office, they’re typically pretty anxious about the sheer number of things they want to discuss and decide upon in their first meeting with an event planner. Lighting, music and food are just a couple of topics to plan out, and even just settling for a final decision on any of these can take hours.


Some brides have a simple answer to making quick decisions that they can be happy with. They stroll into a meeting, sit down and quickly ask, “So, what are the biggest fads for this year?”


Everyone wants to create a personal wedding experience that portrays the character of the relationship being formalized through marriage. But some brides who feel as though they know what they want often go back and forth on some important details, afraid to make a final decision. Following the fashion set out by others is often a much safer choice.


You pull out a binder of recent wedding trend stories that you’ve been putting together for just such an occasion. Your client’s eyes light up as you start ticking off the hot new fads for this wedding season.


Any wedding planner will have some idea of the hottest recent trends in wedding ceremonies and receptions. The more a planner can tell you about these fads, the more research they’ve done and the better the chance is that they can provide a superior wedding experience.


The 2014 year will be bringing some interesting new ideas in wedding ceremonies to a much more mainstream audience, as this Event Solutions post argues. Large marquee lettering for couples initials or other messages are surprisingly not garish, and can add a retro type of atmosphere to the event.


Another interesting new fad is the charitable wedding event, where a couple uses multiple avenues to help a cause they support through their own wedding. Couples can select vendors that have incentivized pricing, extending some of the money they earn to a specific cause.


Here at Kraft Event Management, we love to find out all about the interesting new trends and fads that can make any wedding a truly original affair. Contact us to learn more about these and other wedding trends as we head further into the year 2014!



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