The Importance of Creative Cohesion: Chapter 8

April 11th, 2014 egreenfield

“So, let’s take a look at our portfolio so far,” I say, and I reach for the folder containing many of the important details the couple has been able to work out. It’s overflowing with notes on potential guest lists, catering options and other creative items.


The bride looks at her fiancé nervously, then down at the large shoulder bag he brought in with him. “I was wondering if we could talk about some of the wedding design options,” she says.


“Great, we can definitely do that,” I say. “Let me grab the inspiration board that we’ve put together.”


She leans forward slightly to interject. “Actually, I had some new ideas that maybe we could discuss.” The groom-to-be leans over and produces a pocket folder bulging with paper from the shoulder bag, giving it to her.


I stop her. “Let me guess: Pinterest?”


She smiles and nods. “Pinterest.”




There’s a time to keep an open mind and collect design ideas, and then there comes a time to commit to the decisions you’ve made. It’s important to keep things simple, and it’s understandable that many brides and even grooms will want to tweak little aspects of the big day before it comes.


There’s already so many other important items to worry about that many couples risk adding stress by changing details even halfway through the process. Editing an inspiration board with items you’ve found from Pinterest or other social networking sites can be a major mistake, as this article published by The Huffington Post points out.


One issue is the lack of cohesion this can create for your wedding and reception. Having a unified event and experience for your guests is the most desirable planning goal. A focused vision will make for a much more memorable event than something that feels fractured and disjointed. Also, who’s to say that the ideas you like one day aren’t just whims that you may drop within a week or two?


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