Traditions and First Impressions: Chapter 7

March 15th, 2014 egreenfield

“I don’t want a theme wedding,” she said. I felt a “but” coming.


“But I did grow up in Louisiana and my family’s coming all the way to New Jersey. So, I’d like to show them that there’s still a bit of Southern hospitality in the Garden State,” her fiancé chimed in, a faint drawl lingering behind the stronger Northeast accent.


“Is there any way we can add a little Southern charm to the reception or even the ceremony itself without going over the top?” she added, a persistent pleading in her eye.


I smiled at both of them. “Well, I have a few ideas.”


Her fiancé leaned over and I swear I heard, “See? Told ya,” before he grabbed her hand and they leaned back in their seats while I laid out there options.


You don’t have to be from the South or even have guests from the South coming to put a few “charm”-ing touches into your reception. One of my favorite traditions that happens to come from below the Mason-Dixon line is the charm-pull cake. Bakers tie charms to ribbons that stick out of a tier of your wedding cake and the bridesmaids all get to pull one. The charm they pull is supposed to predict some tidbit of their next year. A cute add-on to this idea, is to give the bridesmaids blank charm bracelets as favors.


If it’s the ceremony itself that you’d like to add a little flavor to, how about “burying the bourbon?” Before the ceremony begins, dig a hole at the site and bury a bottle of bourbon (or whatever alcohol is your choice for imbibing later) upside down. This is supposed to ward off rain during your big day. After the ceremony, recover the bottle and use it to celebrate with your guests.


Even having your groomsmen and fiancé wear lighter colors will subtly give your wedding a southern feel. Lighter colored suits are almost always worn in the south, due to the heat, but they also look pretty dapper on most every groom.


This one makes a statement. The second line originated in New Orleans and is essentially a parade from the wedding venue to the reception venue, often led by a brass band. Dancing down the street is essential – as is a street permit, often.


Whether you’re looking to show your guests a little southern hospitality or make a big, bold, Louisiana kind of statement, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Contact Kraft Events today to start planning!





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