Venues and First Impressions: Chapter 6

March 12th, 2014 egreenfield

“We thought we knew exactly what we wanted. We were so sure we wanted a wedding on the beach, but my best friend just got the bill for his and there were all of these surprise fees,” her fiancé said, sharing a look with his bride-to-be and wiping a hand across his eyes.


I nodded solemnly, “That happens. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. Actually, with any venue, there are ways to avoid issues and still get exactly what you want.”


She let out a breath I hadn’t realized she was holding, “Oh, thank goodness. I wasn’t really ready to give that up.”


They looked at each other again and shared a small smile.


“So what now, then?” he asked.




Any time you’re looking at venues, remember exactly how you felt when you first walked in. That’s what your guests are going to feel. Is the space intimate or oppressive? Are there any features that draw your eye?


After the first impression check, be sure to ask yourself and your partner three questions: How many guests are realistically going to be comfortable here? Are there any limitations on the use of the space? Who is the person I’m working with and will they be there during the event?


This one’s important and often gets lost in the excitement of finally finding that venue: ask for a sample invoice. This way you know exactly what the breakdown of costs is going to be.


Most venues have pre-programmed perks/restrictions like caterers they use or lighting/sound systems available. Is the venue owner trying to sell you on one narrow option or giving you several ways to use the space?


Finally: be sure to communicate your priorities. Is the layout of the tables with room for dancing as important as a pre-prepared selection of center pieces? Do you need an empty chair at each table so that you can mingle with guests during the reception? Would you like the staff to give extra attention to one or more of your guests?


Choosing a venue is what makes the wedding real. Visiting the space with your planner and partner can be emotional, so let Kraft Events assure that the less exciting details still get taken care of. Contact us today to start choosing your space!



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