Wedding Apps: Chapter 15

July 9th, 2014 egreenfield

The bride to be seated across from me flips through her iPhone and shows me the screen. “Yea, we’ve actually gone and set up an Instagram account for the wedding.”


“So people can upload pictures of the reception?” I asked.


“And the ceremony. There’s a lot of people we want to be able to share the day with who can’t come,” the bride said. “We felt like this was a good way to do that.”


The groom quickly whips out his smartphone and turns it on. “It was great; we actually found a lot of apps that can help us with some of the organizing too.”


The bride smiles. “Well, we don’t have time for all of them. But one or two have been pretty helpful.”


Now here was something interesting: couples using their mobile devices to stay on top of their wedding plans. I lean in a little closer and ask, “What other apps have you heard about?”



Technology can evolve in a very rapid way and address a variety of needs, especially for those who have to take on large projects. Weddings totally fit the bill, and as this article published by discusses, plenty of apps are available for either Android or iOS devices that can help set a wedding budget or even design a personal wedding app for others to download.


To compile all of your guest photos into one central web page, check out the WedPics app. This program, which utilizes a clean and formal user interface is perfect for traditional weddings, creates a photo feed of an ongoing wedding for others to enjoy from afar. Thank you notes through InkCards cost $1.99 each, but the program offers a quick way to take care of those important notes of gratitude.


Yapp is another very interesting program that allows iOS or Android users to create their own downloadable app. The app provides information to users about a wedding’s location, date and more through a web page loaded by the app. It essentially works as a digital invitation, which a friend or family member can easily retrieve from their touch screen device.


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