Wedding Trends Becoming More Formal: Chapter 19

October 29th, 2014 egreenfield

The traditional seems to be swinging back into the world of weddings lately with the introduction of the Fall. And that’s just one of many trends that have popped up for various events and event planning for the Fall of 2014. Just as the seasons change though, so do trends, so it really isn’t any surprise to see these kinds of changes.


Of course, like all trends for events, you should always be going with what you want, and what reflects you or whomever the event is for. But don’t be afraid to use these various trends as a stepping off point for new ideas.


Traditional real flowers for bouquets and heavy levels of pastel and ‘feminine’ colors are making an emergence for wedding parties once again. They aren’t the only ones to make a reappearance in weddings though. Jewels and Gems have also emerged, compared to the more rustic approach that people were taking on for the past few years with things like mason jars and earthier colors of green and brown.


Overall, this brings the formal and traditional wedding back quite fully, with so many things appearing. No one is quite sure why the traditional wedding emerged again, but it is likely just a placeholder until something else comes along to sweep the wedding world off their feet. There is one thing that has changed that was previously rather traditional though, and that is the food. More weddings are moving toward a buffet style where food stations are placed around the room to allow guests to mingle while choosing a variety of selected foods, rather than having a composed plate served to you.


Much of this change to the more traditional wedding is likely due to a combination of the color of the year for 2014 being Radiant Orchid, which is a pastel purple, and people just trying to differentiate their wedding from all the rustic and non-traditional weddings from last year that they likely attended.


As for colors, we see more vibrant ones still with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, such as Sangria or a Brilliant Blue. Lounges continue to pop up frequently allowing teens the movement they so desire.


Of course, these trends are bound to not last for long. Come Spring, or Summer next year and it will be something else entirely as people jump to something new.





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