Winter Wedding Ideas: Chapter 21

December 17th, 2014 egreenfield



“Elves?” I asked.


“They were everywhere. I woke up screaming,” she explained, leaning forward across the table.


“I’m sorry. I’m confused,” I replied to one of my newest clients, a bride-to-be.


“I am determined to make this winter wedding happen,” she elaborated with a steely glint in her eye, “But last night I had a dream that there were candy canes, and a giant gingerbread awning, and Father Christmas was our officiate, and elf flower girls were pelting my in-laws with snowballs. Am I overdoing the theme, here?” she rushed out more quickly than I had previously thought possible.


“If you want elf flower-girls, we’ll make it happen. If not I have some ideas …”


Holiday weddings, especially winter weddings, have the potential to be absolutely magical. Whatever good will lingers in the air along with snowflakes and end-of-the-year sales tends to drift into your wedding and reception side-by-side with your guests. But it can be overdone.


As with all weddings, the place to start is with the colors. Reds and greens are obvious choices, but err on the side of accents instead of as major palette choices to avoid the North Pole look. Try a runner of white velvet trimmed with silver. Use silver and white as your main colors and leave the holiday colors as muted accents instead.


Obvious choices for flowers are calla lilies, red roses, and amaryllis. But white hydrangeas and ranunculuses are also lovely, soft, full, flowers that work wonderfully as winter centerpieces and aisle markers. Boutonnieres of simple white roses tied with accents of holly or pine twigs are a surefire way to class up the groomsmen.


Winter weddings are great excuses to throw a more formal, indoor do. Add to the drama with real or synthetic ice vases, filled with white branches and dripping in crystal pieces. Up the comfort-effect with white or Mexican hot chocolates in espresso mugs and take a look at saketinis (Japanese rice wine with sweet vodka) lined in sugar crystals for the cocktail bar.


For a winter wedding that sparkles without going over the top, contact Kraft Events today. Our experts will be happy to help!




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